The hotel restaurant is on the ground floor and it is open for its guests during the whole year. It offers a wide choice of national dishes, fish and barbacue dishes, and as very interesting, we recomend fish chosen directly from our fish tank. Besides the restaurant, there is also the exotic, Mediterranean style summer garden, spiced in the evening with live music. And, for the kids, there are the inevitable cartoons, played on the video beam.

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Only ten meters from the restaurant there are berths for your yachts...

Dishes prepared under the "sač”

Dishes prepared under the "sač” are a part of Balkan's traditional cuisine. To start the preparation of this specialty, the cook must first place all the ingredients (usually potatoes and meat, or various vegetables) into a metal pan which he than seals with a special (also metal) cover, called “sač”. After that, the pan is placed into ember, with ember covering the "sač", and the food is left to cook gently in its own juices, since no oil is added. Even though the preparation of these dishes seems simple, only excellent chefs are able to determine the ideal amount of spices and the time of cooking under "sač", because the "sač" is removed just once during the preparation-in the end, before serving the dish to the guests. (see images below)